Church in the age of quarantine


As I got ready for our on-line bible study tonight, it occurred to me that they don’t make pulpits like they used to. Here’s where I work when we are having church on line.

The top screen is where everyone comes on Hollywood square style. It is also where I mute and unmute people and switch to the power points and other things i use in a service. . The bottom screen is where power points, videos and the other things I use live. You can see the mic, light and camera.

There is also a little control panel next to the mic that lets me advance slides, mute and unmute everyone, and change the view on my screen. It’s very cool, if a bit unreliable.

My notes are propped up on a typing stand to the left of the computer screens. I also generally have books spread around to refer to, and a sheet of paper to one side to take notes about prayer concerns, etc.

It’s a lot more going on than in the traditional pulpit!, but it is what pastors everywhere are doing these days, making sure the church continues as the church, where ever we are!


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