How does God measure us? Probably not the way we think. And probably not the way we measure others, and even ourselves. That’s what we talked about at Rupert Methodist this week.

Here’s a recording of the sermon. Remember – I am experimenting, putting my sermon out first as printed sermons people can read, and now as a recorded sermon you can listen to. Eventually, I will get brave and start video recording them. I need your feedback as to which is better for you.

Have a blessed week,





  1. Wow Tom! I think this is likely true But is truly leaves me without a starting point really. Have been in OA program for many years–have not developed a feeling for God relationship–very distant thing for me. Have no doubt that he is in control of all and that justice will be fairy given, but developing a personal relationship: nada. Raised in a very fundamental religion–could always and forever see that if I didn’t truly believe there was no merit in that hypocrisy of believing “as if.” Keep up the good work (sermons, poems, fighting depression, etc. I purchased a few of your “Dancing with Depression” books around Christmas time and passed them out to my after-meeting-coffee drinking buddies. They, in turn, were most appreciative of hearing someone else so expertly describe what it means to battle depression.
    They used it as a book study after meetings. Alas, I had so many personal things going on, that I missed all of those meetings. But, I too, resonate with the words you gave on that subject. Love seeing your poems daily.

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