Doubling Our Impact

I am a member of an organization called Kiva. Kiva helps people like you and me make micro-loans to people all around the world. For $25, or whatever you decide to give, you can help a farmer get seeds, or a small shop keeper buy inventory. These are loans, not gifts and they get paid back. If you leave your money in the system after it gets paid back, you can re-loan it, and so the same $25 can help person after person.
This morning Kiva announced that they had a matching grant, and that for every $25 given, someone else would match it with another $25, doubling the impact of the original amount.
We forget sometimes that God works the same way. When we have a relationship with God, when we let him in our lives, when we ask his help in everything we do, his presence doubles (and more) who and what we are. “With God, all things are possible.” (Mark 10:27).
We forget that sometimes. But if Christmas is to have meaning, it needs to have meaning past the day, and into our lives. Think about this as we go into the new year. If we make the effort going forward to let God into our lives this new year, and we have the opportunity to double our impact for good everywhere we go.
Be well. Travel wisely.

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