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When I began this blog, I pastored two tiny churches, Rupert Methodist and Chapel on the Green. Recently, Chapel on the Green changed from a Methodist to an SBC affiliated church called Arlngton Community Church. I am still at Rupert, but no longer at Chapel on the Green. I chose to keep the name “Two Tiny Churches” however, because it was already established.

Let me tell you about Rupert Methodist. Nestled in the heart of Southern Vermont, Rupert United Methodist Church offers a sanctuary from life’s struggles. Here, we worship, study, fellowship, care for each other and seek to find our way as disciples of a living Christ.

Every church, from the largest metropolitan megachurch, the a small rural faith community like Rupert United Methodist, has the same mission and the same challenge: How, in an increasingly secular world, do we spread God’s love and bring people into a closer relationship with God?

We believe the secret is not a secret at all. We do it by striving to live Jesus own summary of the entire scripture as described in Matthew 22:40 – “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind.” and “Love your neighbor as yourself. We strive to do this as a church family that is always open, loving and kind.

We invite you to join us, whether for a single service while visiting Southwest Vermont, or regularly as part of our church family. We are not a perfect people, so you don’t have to be perfect either. Come as you are. Bring your burdens, hopes, struggles and energy. Share your faith journey, and let us be part of yours.

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Rupert Methodist began worshiping again in our sanctuary June 28th. We have a large enough sanctuary to allow social distancing, even when visitors come. We would love to see you! If you are coming, visit our Facebook page to see what we are talking about each week, bible studies and the things we need to do to stay safe as we worship together,


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Rupert United Methodist Church
mailing address:  PO Box 40, West Rupert, VT 05776
Physical address: at the corner of Rtes 153 and 315, Rupert VT.

Morning services at 9:AM

Pastor: Rev. Dr. Tom Atkins
Organist: Kevin Bishop.