The Right Kind of Fear


Those of you who have read this blog from the beginning know that it is something of an experiment. I started it because there were people who wanted me to document my sermons so they could read/hear/see them. I’d love to be able to do all three, but as a bi-vocational pastor, I simply don’t have time to do them more than one way.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve tried typing up a few from my notes, and for the next few weeks, I’ll try audio, and you can let me know how you like this compared to the written word.

This week at Rupert United Methodist, we talked about the phrase “Fear of the Lord”, and how we reconcile fear with the love portrayed in the Gospel. It turned out to pretty easy. We just have to study language and linguisticsĀ a bit.

Before your eyes glaze over, here’s the message, based on Psalm 112.