Hi. My name is Tom Atkins. I am the pastor of two tiny Methodist Churches in Vermont.  Both of them together are probably way, way smaller than your church, but they are the gathering of the faithful , wounded and searching. I never intended to be a pastor, and managed to escape God’s call until I was 59.  But here I am, a newbie pastor in the middle of nowhere, Vermont (which I love, love, love), a bi-vocational pastor.

These are my musings. At times there may be sermons. At times there may be snippits or things to think about. At times, there may be rants.  They are not (let me repeat that for the hard of hearing, NOT) the stance of my individual churches, or of the Methodist faith. Good or bad, they are my thoughts alone.

I started this because a lot of people kept telling me I should. I have actually resisted it for a long time because in today’s world, people of faith are often under attack, and often as much from our own as from non-believers.  I just didn’t want to deal with the hate. I still don’t.

But there are people who have visited my churches that said they wanted to hear or read sermons. There are others who seem to feel that I have good things to say, or at least to think about. So I am jumping in.

As this blog grows, you’ll learn more about me, and maybe, just maybe, something that will help you on your own spiritual journey.  That’s my hope anyway.

Thanks for stopping in.

Be well. Travel wisely,